8 Reasons to Use a Hydroponic Trimmer

By Millie Traynor

A hydroponic trimmer is a tool that every grower should have. It will improve the quality of your final product and help keep your plants healthy throughout the growth cycle. 

The hydroponics trimmers on the market today are greatly improved from the bud trimmer machines first introduced decades ago. This article will look at 8 reasons why you need a hydroponic trimmer. First, though, let's take a look at exactly what a hydroponic trimmer is and how they work.


What is a hydroponic trimmer?

Hydroponic trimmers are machines designed specifically to assist growers in the trimming process. They are often referred to as 'trim-bots' or automated bud trimmer machines. However, they do not just magically trim your plants for you.

In commercial growing systems, a trimmer is generally paired with a conveyor belt system that brings large quantities of plants through the machine, allowing batches of plants to be trimmed in one pass. As the plant passes through the trimming process, the trimmer cuts off leaves and stems while collecting them for disposal so they do not get mixed back into the final product.

However, at Ashton Hydroponics, we also sell smaller hydroponic trimmers, designed for smaller grows. These are generally made up of a large bowl, spinning cutting blades, and either a crank handle or a small motor.


How does a trimmer work?

The first step is to transfer your plants from their growing medium into a basket that fits into the machine. This basket will hold your plant steady as it travels through the trimming process. Then, you either need to crank the handle to rotate the blades or switch the motor on. The hydroponic trimmer that you purchase will come with specific instructions for this stage.


1. Your plants will grow faster 

Trimming plants is essential to healthy growth. It's like when you shave off your beard regularly to make it grow faster. It's the same with plants. Trimming down new growth encourages faster and healthier flower production.

When regularly trimmed, plants use their energy to grow more leaves, rather than flowers if they're not trimmed regularly. It also forces them to focus on growing larger leaves and sturdier stems in order to maintain their levels of light absorption. The more sun they absorb, the healthier and stronger they will be.


2. You can prevent disease 

One of the most important aspects of furthering your plant's health is to keep it free from diseases during all stages of life. By regularly trimming your plants, you reduce the chances that diseases will take hold.

On top of that, if your plants don't get enough sunlight and other nutrients, then they could become sick or wither away completely due to a lack of nutrition. Trimming them can prevent this from happening as it forces them to strengthen their bodies and thus become healthier.


3. You can prevent pests 

Trimming your plants on a regular basis also helps with pest prevention. This is especially important in large-scale growing operations. When you trim the leaves and stems, you remove any plant material that would be easy food for bugs or fungus to feed on. Plus, you remove the potential places for them to hide, making it easier to identify if you have a problem.


4. Regular trimming will help your plants live longer 

By taking off the dead and dying leaves, you help ensure that plants have access to as much sunlight and nutrients as possible. This will allow them to create bigger and stronger leaves, stems, and even flowers - which will make your harvest bigger and better.

By removing dead leaves, you can also keep a closer eye on your harvest, identifying problems early. Plus, trimming allows plants to redirect energy toward their roots and fruits instead of using so much on repairing broken leaves.


5. You can improve the overall appearance of your garden

For many hydroponic gardeners, yield is far more important than aesthetics. However, making sure that your garden looks its best at all times is still a priority. A tidy garden is often a well-maintained and healthy garden. Trimming regularly and keeping everything looking neat and tidy can help prevent problems like powdery mildew from forming as well as attract insects to flowers instead of leaves.


6. You will use less energy 

Using a trimmer for as little as 15 minutes a week can save you up to 30% in energy bills. The trimmer will make your plants healthier and yield more fruits, meaning that you can harvest them whenever you want (instead of having to wait until they are completely grown). This allows you to get more from your plants with less waiting time.


7. You’ll need fewer vegetable seeds

Using hydroponic trimmers allows you to harvest the same plant more than once. Plus, each time you do it right away (instead of waiting for them to die off) can encourage regrowth. This means that you will need fewer seeds and won't have to worry about maintaining your vegetables or herbs growing patches.

On top of that, your plants will be stronger and healthier, which means that you can grow more food in less space. This means that you need fewer seeds and only need to water the plant once a day instead of several times a day.


8. Your plant will produce more nutrition

By keeping your plants trimmed on a regular basis, you will be able to ensure that the leaves are absorbing as much sunlight as possible. This will allow them to produce more vitamins. 

When you're growing your own fresh fruits or vegetables, this will give them the highest nutritional value. Even if you're only giving your plants this nutrient boost once a month, it can make all of the difference.


Recommended Product - SpinPro Automatic Motor  

Spinpro Hydroponic Trimmer

One of the best trimmer products in our Hydroponics store is the SpinPro Automatic Motor. The Spin Pro Motor is designed to upgrade the SpinPro Original bowl trimmer, making it more powerful and much easier to use.  

For further information on our hydroponic trimmers, contact us today!

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