Gavita Pro 1700e LED Review [2021] Buyer Guide

By Millie Traynor

The Gavita Pro 1700e LED Grow Light is the king of high yield. 

If you’re looking for an LED light that can match (and even outperform) HPS lights on yield, you’ve found it. 

The Gavita Pro 1700e can be hung closer to the plants, requires up to 40% less HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), and offers versatile controls so you can maximise each grow. 

In this review, we’re going to give you all the information you need to decide whether the Gavita Pro 1700e is worth the investment. If you want the short answer - it’s worth every penny. If you want to decide for yourself - keep reading our Gavita Pro 1700e LED review [2021]. 



Gavita is a very well-known brand. They’ve been one of the biggest names in horticulture lighting (especially HID lighting) for years. That’s why we were particularly excited when they released their first LED light - the Gavita Pro 1700e. 

It’s no secret that the Gavita Pro 1700e is one of the best LED grow lights on the market. It delivers class-leading performance, it’s incredibly energy-efficient and it’s beautifully made. It really does earn every penny of its price tag.  

Before we jump into the features, it’s worth mentioning that the Gavita Pro 1700e has a large footprint. Measuring 1.1m (3’8”) x 1.1m (3’8”), it’s not designed for a little operation. It’s designed for a grow of 1.5m x 1.5m or bigger. Anything smaller and this light is overkill. 


8-bar LED configuration

The Gavita Pro 1700e has eight bars of LEDs fixed to a robust aluminium frame. It’s designed this way to provide maximum coverage of light and strong heat dissipation. This not only increases the yield of each grow, but also reduces energy costs. The other benefit of this design is that it can be hung closer to the plants than other grow lights, making it ideal for low rooms, over benches and inside tents. We’ve even seen growers stack multiple grows on top of each other. 


Aluminium heat sinks

On the rear of each LED bar is an aluminium heat sink. They dissipate the heat caused by the LEDs away from the device, meaning that the back of the light is cool-to-the-touch.

High-end LEDs 

The LEDs are made by Samsung and Osram, two of the biggest names in lighting. You can see from the performance stats that they’re high-end LEDs (more on that below). In the industry, they’re called top-bin LEDs, which means they produce the highest-quality colour temperature and highest light output. The diodes are protected by plastic coverings and they’re powered by Phillips drivers, located in the centre of the frame. 

IP66 wet-rated

The Gavita Pro 1700e is IP66 wet-rated and UL8800 compliant. That means it’s completely dust-proof and protected against powerful jets of water. Apart from immersing it completely in water, it’s not going to get damaged if it gets wet. 

Reduced HVAC requirement 

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is a huge consideration when you’re setting up an indoor grow. The Gavita Pro 1700e will reduce your HVAC requirement by around 30-40%. For indoor growing, this is one of the most efficient lights around.  

Gavita Adapters & Controllers

You can plug the Gavita Pro 1700e straight into the power and it will run off a timer. But if you want more control over the light, you should check out the Gavita E-Series LED Adapter and Gavita EL Master Controller. They allow you to switch, dim and boost your lights from an easy-to-use interface. 



Power efficiency 

The Gavita Pro 1700e is class-leading when it comes to power efficiency. Operating at 645 watts, with an output of 1,700 µmol s-1, it achieves an efficacy of 2.6 µmol s-1 per watt. Compare that to the Mars Hydro TS 1000 (one of the most efficient grow lights in the business) and it beats it by 0.2 µmol s-1 per watt. You can also dim the LEDs to 50% intensity without efficiency, a feature that is particularly useful when plants are in the vegetative stage. 

Light intensity and quality 

There are two types of LEDs on the Gavita Pro 1700e - Samsung diodes that produce full-spectrum white light and Osram diodes that provide red light. These two types of light cover the entire PAR range and cover the light demands throughout a plant’s life cycle.  

The PAR output of 1700 μmol/s, much higher than comparative products. Plus, it has been shown that the Gavita Pro 1700e’s LEDs are more uniform, which means the lights at the edges offer the same PFFD values as the ones in the middle. 


Coverage area 

During the flowering phase, the manufacturer recommends a coverage area of 4ft x 4ft (1.2m x 1.2m) to 5ft x 5ft (1.5 m x 1.5 m) at a hanging height of 18 inches (45cm). 

During the vegetative stage, the manufacturer recommends a coverage area of 6ft x 6ft (1.8m x 1.8m) to 7ft x 7ft (2.1m x 2.1m) at a hanging height of 36 to 48 inches (90 to 120 cm).


The Gavita Pro has been the talk of the hydroponics world for a reason. And that reason is yield. Check out the forums (Reddit, etc) and you’ll find countless growers talking about never-before-seen yields. This light is outperforming any HPS light on the market. 

Gavita Pro 1700e LED Dimensions 

The Gavita Pro 1700e is a big beast. It measures 44.1” x 43.7” (112cm x 110cm) and weighs around 28.4 pounds (12.88 kg). It covers a much bigger surface area than most grow lights and that gives it a significant advantage - you can hang it much lower and closer to the plants. That means you don’t need a tall grow tent to get a large coverage area.


LED Lights vs HPS Lights 

HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) lights are considered the ‘traditional’ option for grow lighting. They provide a warm (or red) spectrum, suitable for flowering plants. They work well for growing because of the huge amount of light they produce. However, that comes with a huge amount of heat, which is why you need a large HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) setup. 

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights are considered ‘new’ technology in the hydroponic world. Some growers are resistant to trying LED lights in their growing setup. However, the latest LED lights (like the Gavita Pro 1700e) are outperforming HPS lights on every level. They offer an increased yield, smaller HVAC requirements and better power efficiency. 

The bottom line: Newer LED grow lights (like the Gavita Pro 1700e) are outperforming HPS lights. Expect an easier setup, higher yield and smaller power requirement. 



How many watts is the Gavita 1700e? 

The Gavita operates at 645 watts. With an output of 1,700 µmol s-1, it achieves an efficacy of 2.6 µmol s-1 per watt. That is class-leading performance. 


How many amps does a Gavita LED use? 

At 120V, the Gavita LED uses 5.375amps. 


What is the Gavita LED yield? 

With an output of 1,700 µmol s-1, it achieves an efficacy of 2.6 µmol s-1 per watt. That means that even beginner growers are achieving impressive yields.


What is Gavitas Pro 1700e LED distance from the canopy? 

During the flowering stage, the manufacturer recommends hanging the light at 18 inches above the plants. During the vegetative stage, they recommend hanging it at 36 to 48 inches above. 


How to Buy

You can either purchase online, visit us in-store or call us on 0161 339 1673

Buy the Gavita Pro 1700e.

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