How to Choose the Best Grow Tent For You

By Millie Traynor

Choosing a grow tent doesn't need to be complicated. However, with the amount of choice on the market, new growers often get confused. When deciding on a grow tent for your hydroponics system, it is important to take certain things into consideration before making a purchase. You need the correct size for your growing seeds, a high-enough weight limit, thick-enough walling, and the right ducting and ports.

This guide will take a closer look at these factors and explain what to look out for, so you can make the right choice.

Consider What Size the Grow Tent Needs to Be

The first thing you need to think about is the size of the grow tent. If you’re planning on growing small plants (such as herbs or lettuce) then a small model will be sufficient. However, if you are trying to grow something larger (like tomatoes or squash plants) then you will definitely need a larger model.

There is a simple calculation you need to make to find the correct sized grow tent. You will need to multiply the number of plants by the square footage of each plant. Follow this simple guide to pick the right size:

Small plants

Each small plant takes up (around) 1 square foot of space. That means: 4ft x 4ft (20ft grow tent) has a capacity for up to 20 plants.

Medium plants

Each medium-sized plant requires (around) 5 square feet of space. That means: 4ft x 4ft (20ft grow tent) has a capacity of up to 4 plants.

Large plants 

A large plant can require up to 16 feet of space. That means: 4ft x 4ft (20ft grow tent) has a capacity of up to 1 plant.

The rules above are based on most plants. However, you should research the square footage required for the specific plant you’re growing. The below guide is aimed at small plants, which is what most hydroponic growers will be working with:

- 2x2 Grow Tent - 1-2 plants

- 2x4 Grow Tent - 2-4 plants

- 3x3 Grow Tent - 2-4 plants

- 4x4 Grow Tent - 4-6 plants

- 5x5 Grow Tent - 4-10 plants

- 4x8 - 4-10 plants

- 8x8 - 9-16 plants

- 5x9 - 9-16 plants

- 10x10 - 12-18 plants

- 8x16 - 16-32 plants 

Does Your Grow Tent Require Multiple Chambers?

When looking at grow tent models, you will come across two different types. We stock both at Ashton Hydroponics because they have unique benefits for different grow setups. 

Single Chambers Grow Tents

A single chamber grow tent consists of a single space with no additional rooms within the grow tent itself. While this is often a cheaper option, they can be bigger to provide greater capacity than multi-chambers for the same price. On the other hand, multi-chambers have their own benefits. Multi-rooms can be used to separate different stages of growing (i.e., veg and bloom). They also offer more privacy for your plants, which is ideal for some growers.

Multi-Chamber Grow Tents

The benefits of multi-chamber growing systems may outweigh the simplicity of a single chamber. Multiple chambers allow the user to harvest different grows in one tent. This setup makes it easier to stay organized and prevents the need for buying multiple tents. Unfortunately, one downside is these tents have limited vegging space. It's best to determine how much vegging space you need and whether you are better off purchasing two tents or one multi-chamber tent.

It's also important to remember that you will need to have some kind of lighting reflector, as they often lack in these models. This isn't an issue with single chambers.

Check the Weight Limit

One of the factors that growers often forget to check is the weight limit. Inside your grow tent, there will be a frame made of steel tubing that snaps together with different materials for corners and connection pieces. The weight limit all depends on the materials that are used for the poles and corner pieces, as different tents carry different weights.

Make sure you check the weight of the tent before purchasing, and that it can hold all of the equipment you are intending to use for your grow.

Make Sure the Grow Tent is Thick Enough

Another often overlooked feature of a grow tent is the thickness. A thicker grow tent (with a high thread count) is stronger and more resistant to damage like tearing or punctures, as well as more durable against mould and mildew. The material should be made from one or multiple layers with an outer layer that is waterproof as well as an inner layer that is highly reflective and breathable.

The thickness of a grow tent can range from 210D to 1680D. The 'D' stands for denier, which is a measurement for the linear mass density of fibres. The higher the D-count, the thicker the material.

Look For Ducting Ports and Windows

In addition to its features and specifications, you should consider if the grow tent has any extra vents or ducting ports that can be used for ventilation. This feature is important because it allows you to control your indoor growing environment easier as well as adjust airflow.

All grow tents come with a number of different sized ports which you can connect to acoustic ducting and electrical cords. The best tents come with dual-cinching ports that allow you to block out any light coming through the port and ensure a dark tent. Some tents also provide windows and mesh vents, which can be useful for gardeners.

It is important to review the placement and size of the various ports in each grow tent to ensure your equipment can be utilised correctly for the arrangement you have in mind.

Recommended Product: BudBox-Pro Tent 3.6m x 2.4 x 2.2 (Titan 2 Tall)

If you are looking for a relatively large grow tent that can fit a large volume of plants or vegetation, the BudBox-Pro Tent is the perfect product to meet your requirements. Here’s some more information about the BudBox Grow Tent: 

- Size - 3.6m x 2.4 x 2.2

- Steel push-and-fit connectors

- Thick, tempered-steel poles

- Designed with 600w HPS lighting in mind

- 1.2m square sections

- Over-sized vents

- Clear floor space growing area

For further information on our Grow Tents, contact us today!

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