Hobby growing is a great way to spend your free time. Small hydroponic grow tents are perfect for personal growing, as they provide you with the opportunity to do so without taking up too much space or requiring an extensive amount of knowledge on how to grow plants. This article will discuss why small hydroponics grow tents are perfect for hobby growers and offer some suggestions on what kinds of plants you might want to start your hobby with!

The Benefits of Using a Small Grow Tent 

Maximise Space

Using a small grow tent allows hobby growers to maximise the space they have. Since the plant's needs are so minimal, it is easy to give your plants what they need and still be able to spend a little time relaxing or checking out other hobbies. It doesn't take much room for a grow tent either, so you can have one in the corner of a room and it won't be noticeable to visitors.

Low Cost

Small hydroponics grow tents are surprisingly low-cost. Hobbyists can buy small hydroponic grow tent kits for around £75 - £300.  These kits provide small grow tents, lighting and growing equipment like carbon filters.

Garden Year-Round

You can start growing year-round by using a small hydroponic grow tent. These tents allow you to keep your plants indoors during the colder months, protecting them from harsh weather conditions like snow and strong winds that might damage or even kill your plants. Some growers move their plants outdoors once it begins to warm up again.

Conserve Energy

Grow tents conserve energy because they are completely enclosed. This eliminates the need to provide external ventilation and allows you to use a smaller, less powerful grow lighting than what might be needed for an open area garden. Using a small hydroponic grow tent creates great conditions for your plants, no matter what time of year it is.

Circulate Clean Air

Since grow tents are enclosed, they create a great environment for growing your plants.  Without any wind or harsh outdoor conditions, your plants will be able to grow at their own pace without becoming stressed. Having clean air for your plants is very important - using a small hydroponic grow tent creates this environment.

Eliminate Pests

Small hydroponic grow tents eliminate many of the pests that can cause problems for your plants. Since you're growing indoors, there is no interference from birds, spiders, or insects. Insects are not able to break into the enclosed area where your plants are being grown either, so none of these creatures pose a threat.

Optimize Lighting

There are different types of lighting available for use with grow tents, like fluorescent lights and T5 bulbs. These will maximise the amount of light that makes its way to your plants without causing heat build-up inside the tent which could damage your crops. LED lighting is another great growing option for small tents.

Setup and Operate with Ease

Setting up a small hydroponic grow tent is an easy task. Most of these can be set up in under 30 minutes. Operating one is also very easy - you just need to provide water and nutrients. Of course, if you're using LED lighting or other special equipment, then the setup might take a little longer but it won't be too much work.

Maximise Yield

One of the best things about a small hydroponic grow tent is that you can fit more plants inside it than you would be able to in an open area garden - this means there's a better chance that all your plants will survive and produce bigger yields. You'll know the needs of your plants without any of them being exposed to harsh weather conditions and pests can be a non-issue.

What Kinds of Plants Can You Grow in a Small Hydroponic Grow Tent?

Herbs - most small hobby growers will opt for growing smaller plants like herbs (such as parsley, thyme, basil). They're a great option for beginners because they're easy to grow and you can use them in your home-cooking.

Succulents - small grow tents are a great place to grow succulents because they don't take up much room and you can have a lot of them growing in one area.

Flowers -  Most hydroponics kits come with the necessary equipment so you can grow flowers such as violets or orchids.

Tomatoes - Tomatoes can also be grown inside using an indoor garden by anyone willing to put the time into maintaining their garden throughout all seasons.  However, indoor tomato growing is normally reserved for professionals because it's so labour-intensive.

What Equipment is Necessary?

Hydroponic growing systems allow beginners to successfully create an indoor garden. A beginner’s hydroponic kit will come with everything you need to get started. Here's some of the necessary equipment to look out for:

Growing media -  This can be anything from Coco Coir to Vermiculite.

Airtight seal - This will keep your plants safe from any insects that might interfere with their growth.

Timer - This will help you control the lighting available for your plants.

Extraction fan - Since small grow tents have limited ventilation, an extraction fan is necessary to remove all the excess heat and humidity produced by your plants so they can survive safely.

Odour control filtration - This is necessary for keeping your plants safe from any smells that might interfere with their growth.

Fan - Without a fan, the small space inside grow tents would quickly become too hot and humid, damaging your plants.

Lighting - Because the plants inside your tent aren’t getting any sunlight, they need a grow light. 

Keeping Your Small Hydroponic Grow Tent Maintained

Just because small grow tents are low-cost doesn't mean that they still won't require some level of maintenance (if you want good results from your plants). Here's how to keep your small hydroponic grow tent maintained:

Remove organic matter - Removing organic matter (once a week) will make it easier for the roots of your plant(s) to receive proper oxygen so that they can stay healthy throughout all seasons.

Clean - Make sure you clean your grow tent thoroughly (at least once a month). This will remove any build-up of dust and you'll be able to spot potential problems with your plants early.

Watering - since these tents have limited ventilation, it's important that the environment doesn't get too humid. Make sure you monitor the humidity level (once a week) and provide water accordingly.

Pest control -  you'll need to take on pest control yourself because small grow tents have limited ventilation and this makes them a perfect place for pests. Make sure you use an organic solution to get rid of any bugs that might interfere with the health of your hydroponics harvest.

Recommended Product - BudBox-Lite Tent 1.0m x 1.0 x 2.0 (D16mm - Plastic CJ) Silver

Budbox grow tent

At Ashton Horticulture, we stock a wide range of grow tents. If you’re looking for the perfect beginner’s grow tent, then check out the BudBox-Lite Tent 1.0m x 1.0 x 2.0 (D16mm - Plastic CJ) Silver. It’s affordable, easy to assemble, and provides enough space to get your indoor garden started. 

If you need more help with small grow tents, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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