Growth Technology provides a wide range of diverse horticultural products to enhance your grow, but their nutrient solutions are some of the best in the hydroponics industry.

Growth Technology

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  • Growth Technology Liquid Silicon

    From £4.95

    Growth Technology Liquid Silicon

    Sku: Growth Technology Liquid Silicon
    Growth Technology Liquid Silicon is a highly beneficial plant nutrient. It has a proven role in cell wall formation, offering mechanical strength to the cells and therefore to the entire...
  • pH DOWN

    From £4.95

    pH DOWN

    Sku: pH DOWN
    An 81% solution of phosphoric acid, used to lower the pH of nutrient solutions. It is reasonably acidic of course. Though not really dangerous, pH DOWN should certainly be handled...
  • pH UP

    From £4.95

    pH UP

    Sku: pH UP
    This is a 25% solution of potassium hydroxide, used to raise the pH of nutrient solutions. It is a very basic (alkaline) solution and should be handled with care. Growth...
  • Growth Technology Root Riot

    From £5.95

    Growth Technology Root Riot

    Sku: Growth Technology Root Riot-1
    Root Riots are ideal for rooting plant cuttings! These peat based cubes have the ideal structure to create the right air and moisture levels and support rapid root development. Available...
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