Our Story

Our Story

“The Futures bright…the futures green”


A limited company established in 2009. Previous experience within the electrical wholesale business enabled the director to bring a wealth of knowledge to the world of Hydroponics. Here at Ashton Horticulture we want our customers to enjoy the shopping experience and education on offer within store and online.
Our unprecedented growth over the last 12 years has been down to our product knowledge and amazing customer service, benefitting our customers in such a way that they continue to return to Ashton Horticulture. You will not receive this level of service from any other shop…guaranteed!

“Deal with the innovators not the imitators”

Ashton Horticulture is a Hydroponics superstore based in Manchester. With over 10,000 square feet of retail/warehouse we are the UK’s largest store. Darren established the business in 2009 after seeing a gap in the market. He aspired to create an experience that offered high quality products as well as excellent service that left customers with a lasting impression. To achieve this, he needed a team who dedicated themselves to the Hydroponic industry. Our team has helped achieve our unprecedented growth over the past 12 years. This has been down to our excellent product knowledge and our outstanding customer service.

“Our Team”

Our team is what makes us unique compared to other Hydroponic stores. We are an employee based business that thrives on being ‘One big happy bunch’ Our team is made up of family and great friends. Darren (Managing Director) and Lee (Manager) help us solidify a strong foundation. Our other team members include James,  the Staff Supervisor of Jason and Vern who are our hardworking store workers. We then have Millie managing finance, marketing and social media accounts. It all adds up to a dedicated and productive working team.

Not only have we built great customer relationships but our suppliers are now very aware of how successful we are in the Hydroponics industry, this enables us to offer great products, ALWAYS at competitive prices.

We hope that you will find everything that you need on our online store. We would appreciate any feedback from you in using the website be it good or bad. Your suggestions are key to us running a successful business. Should you need any further assistance please contact our sales team on:

“Cause and effect…..you reap what you sow”


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