The ACO Series Air pump is designed to keep all size water tanks well aeriated saving water turning stagnant. with a robust body design it can work continuously or intermittently on a timer. Multiple 4mm outlet options allow for aerating larger or multiple tanks by attaching the required amount of air stones to one pump saving space. The rubber feet also dampen the vibration to a minimum.


• 1.3 to 30 litres per minute

• Low cost series for continuous or intermittent duty

• Multiple outlet options eliminate the need for manifolds

• Intergrated rubber feet reduce vibration and keep noise
levels minimal

• Ideal for single or multi pot hydroponics systems or small fish



ACO2202        1.6 l/min     0.15 bar          4mm                  2W           110 x 68 x 63mm

ACO2204         4 l/min       0.20 bar           4mm                  4W          156 x 95 x 75mm

(2 Outlets) 

ACO2206        10 l/min      0.20 bar          4mm                  8W          188 x 120 x 100mm
(4 Outlets)

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