The Aquaking Q4003 is a heavy-duty pump that will move a phenomenal 7000 litres of water per hour through an outlet adapter that can easily be connected to various sizes of piping, making it the perfect option for those looking to move substantial volumes of nutrient solution in large systems.

Moves 7000 l/ph – nearly two litres every second!
Fully submersible
Consistent flow and excellent reliability
Produces a jet 8 metres tall!
Highly robust with an excellent build quality
Various outlet sizes for easy connection

Using the Aquaking Q4003:

Set-up of the Aquaking Q4003 is relatively straightforward. The Aquaking Q4003 pump will draw in any liquid that it is submerged in through its underside, driving it through its outlet point. The outlet point is supplied with a click-fit connection for ease of use so standard 13mm flexi hose pipe can then be fitted to the female half of the adapter.

Do not run the Aquaking Q4003 pump dry or you could risk burning out the motor.

Flow rate: 7000 l/h
Max jet height: 8 m
Power consumption: 400w
Dimensions: 210mm (max diameter) x 310mm (height)
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