The Dimlux features diagnostic LEDs. This can be seen directly or ballast, standby or failure and what the fault is concerned. The built-in processor monitors the connection between the ballast and the lamp will turn off the ballast and continuously at a bad contact or short circuit. Normal remains a ballast by starting with 5000V (with voltages of this size materials so hot that even metal smelting). In a normal ballast collapses to a lower power supply automatically the light output with it. For example, if you have 220V instead of 230V supply voltage, the light output by 11%. Because the Dimlux electronically increases the voltage to 230V always have a stable and high light output. The power consumption of the Dimlux s with always the same. In a normal ballast increases with time while the recorded current to the light output decreases, so the extra efficiency decreases rapidly. The current consumption can be up to 4-5A continuously for a 600w bulb (this is the same consumption as a 1000w lamp) The wiring with multiple ballasts are generally not designed for these high currents causing fire hazard.

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