Twelve pot, self watering system with Green Man Brain Controller, twelve complete combi pots, Iceline Pipe and 350L reservoir tank. Available in both hard tank (350L) and flexitank (400L).

The flagship in the Green Man product line and a favourite with growers who like precision. The combination system is totally smashing it when it comes to both yield quantity and quality; this is down to the unique design and functionality of the Green Man system. The combi system works by feeding from both the top and the bottom, using an oxygenating dripper ring that pulls more oxygen into the nutrient solution as it’s being pumped up through the pumping column. Whilst feeding the roots from its huge capacity reservoir below, oxygenated by using a 4” airstone in each pot. The system runs on air power from a central air pump, limiting the amount of electricity being used in your grow room, whilst keeping noise levels at a minimum.

Each pot has a sloping, raised base that drains each pot entirely of all nutrient back to the central reservoir, mixing up all of your nutrients in the complete system, letting you keep complete control of your nutrient levels with exact accuracy, without any build up, whilst keeping your nutrient temperature stable.

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