T5 lighting is the best option for propagation and the early growth phase of plant life.

It can also be used as supplementary lighting for the rest of the plant's life cycle. The T5 LightWave is an incredibly useful tool for the modern grower, designed and manufactured to an exacting standard to deliver healthy plants. The four sizes available cater for all situations from lighting a propagator through to a full 1.2 metre square.

Sizes Available:

LightWave T5 LW22-HO

2ft 2-tube – 48 W (2 x 24W tubes included) 600 x 230 x 60 mm.

The smallest model – ideal for lighting a propagator – or a shelf of houseplants.

LightWave T5 LW24-HO

2ft 4-tube – 96 W (4 x 24W tubes included) 600 x 370 x 60 mm.

A wider unit – will cover 2–4 standard propagators.

LightWave T5 LW44-HO

4ft 4-tube – 216 W (4 x 54 W tubes included) 1190 x 365 x 60 mm.

This longer unit will illuminate up to half a square metre with brilliant plant-friendly light.

LightWave T5 LW48-HO

4ft 8-tube – 432 W (8 x 54 W tubes included) 1190 x 640 x 60 mm

This is the big one, designed to cover a full 1.2 metre square of useful propagation area and support hundreds of new young plants.

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