This Maxibright 315 Daylight Horizon kit includes the CMH Horizon reflector, 1 Philips CMH 315w grow lamp and the Daylight 315 digital power pack for the ideal full-spectrum lighting bundle for your grow room.

Wide Angled 315W CMH Reflector

The DAYLIGHT Horizon Reflector is designed to give extremely uniform PAR levels, over a wide-ranging area. Ideal for supplementing your existing HPS grow rooms with all the benefits of full-spectrum lighting, or for grow rooms that have limited head-heights.


Efficient dual-wing reflector made from 98% reflective material. Available in ‘remote’ or ‘connect’ for minimising cables. Balanced hooks for easy hanging.


Dual-wing design maintains a cooler lamp and gives uniform coverage over a wide area. Perfect for low head-heights or supplementing HPS grow rooms.


Weights: Remote 2.5Kg max – Connect weight 6Kg.

Dimensions: 260mm x 210mm x 115mm. Cable length: 5m.

Philips CMH 315w Ceramic Metal Halide Greenpower Elite Agro 930k Grow Lamp


Crisp, white light with excellent colour rendering (Ra 90)

High efficiency / lower energy consumption

Full spectrum grow lamp with added red

Excellent colour quality and consistent output

The Daylight 315 digital power pack

The Daylight 315 digital power pack for horticultural lighting from Maxibright is compact, lightweight and silent running. With all the features of the Maxibright Digilight range, this stunning power pack precisely drives 315W CDM/CMH lamps. There are two of these HID lights; the Daylight lamp and the Agro lamp.

The Daylight 315 when used with the 315W CDM/CMH lamps ensures healthy abundant yields, excellent PAR output levels per watt of power consumed and delivers outstanding results at an affordable price. Dimensions 270mm x 185mm x 75mm.


Low frequency square-wave power pack

Small, lightweight & silent running

Soft start technology

End of lamp life detection

Dynamic frequency control

short circuit protection

Thermal protection

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